2016 Prayer Requests – Part 1

2016 Prayer Requests – Part 1

Please pray for:

— Dele asked for prayer for Alex, a friend of his friend Hannah. Alex is 18 and in a CA hospital. Doctors don’t know what’s wrong with her. She is dying.

— Kelsey, an SMU junior, asked for prayer for her mother’s boyfriend, Alan, who is going through colon surgery.

— Pray for a student’s aunt (Beth) who has breast cancer
— Pray for a student’s family. His grandma Helen died on January 26th at the age of 99
— Pray for Anika. She wasn’t chosen for her sorority during the RUSH season.
— Pray in general for Brittany and Kim.
— Pray for an unidentified Hindu student who agreed to ask Jesus to reveal Himself to her.
— Pray in general for Elan.
— Pray for Bryan, an SMU Professor’s friend who is dying of pancreatic cancer.
— Pray in general for Celsea and Elizabeth.
— Pray in general for Trisha and Bobby.
— Pray for healing for SMU Student David.
— Pray in general for Dana.
— Pray for the family of Chase, an NYU student from Southlake who was found dead in Shanghai. His friend Jackson asked for prayer for the family.
— Pray in general for Julian.
— Pray or Zee and Robert as they seek to be more effective Christians.
— Pray in general for Lindsey, an SMU sophomore.
— Pray in general for Edward, Pria and Miguel.
— Pray for Caroline’s grandma Marjorie who is in the hospital.
— Pray for Allison and Greg – parents of Natalie from Portland, OR
— Pray in general for Maira
— Pray in general for Matthew and Paul and for Noah’s relationships to heal.
— Pray in general for two SMU grad students.
— Pray for Patricia from Austin and for Kayla, an SMU junior.
— Pray for Madeline’s grandmother. She was in a car accident. Madeline is an SMU Sophomore.
— Pray for Kevin, an SMU freshman. He needs prayer for school.
— Pray for Juan, a construction worker on SMU.
— Pray for Janay, a senior at SMU in the Meadows school. She wants to be more intentional in her relationship with the Lord.
— Pray in general for Ever, an SMU junior and David, an SMU freshman. They are from China.
— Rachel, an SMU freshman, asked for prayer for the upcoming presidential elections.
— Margaret, an SMU freshman asked for prayer for her friend Daniel who is in CA. He has cancer.
— Allison, an SMU freshman from Wisconsin asked for prayer for her friend Ben. He has cancer.
— Breanna, an SMU freshman from Houston needs prayer for her Aunt Andrea who has brain cancer.
— Esther, an SMU junior, asked for prayer for her piano recital to go well.
— Alexis, a junior at SMU, needs prayer for her Meadows classes.
— Ola, a freshman at SMU, needs prayer for her Chemistry exams.
— Connie, an SMU sophomore and Colleen, a freshman from CT asked for prayer in general.
— Noah, an SMU sophomore asked for prayer for the world to be at peace.
— George, an SMU freshman, needs prayer for his Grandma Alberta.
— Noah, an SMU junior, asked for prayer for his BioChem test on Thursday.
— Pray in general for Tristan H.
— Pray for Daniel and Kelly’s baby Able. He has been struggling since he was born.
— Pray for Rivka, that the Lord will encounter her.
— Pray for Harjot, an SMU freshman.
— Pray for Sarah, an SMU freshman. Her grandma’s vision is going. She lives in Georgia.
— Pray for Charlie, an SMU freshman from Houston.
— Bryan, an SMU Staff Member, asked for prayer for Pam, his co-worker who is dealing with a hip issue / replacement surgery.
— Kelsey, an SMU freshman, asked for prayer for her Chem and Science Classes.
— Andrea from Miami, FL asked for prayer for the well being of her family .
— Marilla asked for prayer for her brother Joche and his relationship with his girlfriend.
— Jebte, an SMU Facilities worker, asked for prayer for his cough.
— Zitian, a sophomore from China, asked for prayer to connect with other Chinese students.
— Angela, a parent of an SMU student, thanked God that no one was killed in a car accident she was in.
— Josh asked for prayer for his presentation to be finished on time and with clarity of mind.
— Lea, an SMU freshman, from St. Louis asked for prayer.
— Will, an SMU freshman from Alabama asked us to pray for his tests to go well.
— Samantha, an SMU junior from NY, asked for her paper that’s due tomorrow to go well.
— Roberto, an SMU senior from Dallas asked for prayer over him for this semester to be successful and for his future to be in God’s will.

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