2016 Prayer Requests – Part 2

Please pray for:

Brandon, an SMU freshman from Houston, requested prayer for a research internship to open up for him at Harvard this summer. And for his jaw issue.

Kaitlan, an SMU senior from Okalhoma, requested prayer in general.

Christopher, an SMU freshman from Chicago, requested prayer that this semester he would be friendly and fun.

Mauro, from Alicante, Spain, asked for prayer for his health. Also pray the Lord will reveal Himself to Mauro in a very special way.

Sterling, who works for SMU Facilities, asked that the Lord would lift the heaviness he feels and that he would become more positive.

Bryant asked for prayer for his sister Ella to find a job.

Emma, an SMU senior from San Francisco, asked for prayer for her dance career.

Frank, an SMU freshman, asked for prayer in general, to link up with the Catholic ministry on campus.

Smith, an SMU freshman, requested pray for Don Mullikin’s surgery to go well. He is in Arkansas.

Lilly, an SMU freshman from N.Carolina, requested prayer for her tests.

Marianna, an SMU freshman from Austin, and Caroline, an SMU freshman from Nashville, also requested prayer for upcoming tests.

Sabrina, an SMU sophomore from Orange County, CA, asked for prayer for her grandma, June, who is in and out of the hospital with an illness.

Ryan, an SMU junior from Columbus, OH, requested prayer for his brother Scott.

Malachi, an SMU senior from N.Carolina, requested prayer for direction in his life.

Grace, an SMU sophomore from Nashville, asked for prayer in general.

Antonio also asked for general prayer over his life.

McKenzie, visiting from McArthur High School, on an SMU tour, asked for patience and finances and for prayer for her mama.

Kourtney, also visiting from McArthur High School, on an SMU tour, asked for prayers for her grandparents and her mama.

Andrew, an SMU freshman from Houston, asked for prayer for the SMU Cafeteria Workers.

Noah, an SMU sophomore from Los Angeles, didn’t have a prayer request, but was thankful to see we were on campus praying.

Keith, an SMU driver for the Giddy Up vehicles on campus, asked us to pray for him in general. Louis, another driver, is a believer and thankful we are there.

Anna Marie, an SMU freshman from Michigan, Daniel, an SMU sophomore from Dallas and Mario, an SMU sophomore from Dallas asked for general prayer.

Monica, an SMU sophomore from Puerto Rico, asked for prayer for her grandfather, who is suffering with cancer.

Stephen, an SMU sophomore from Baton Rouge, asked us to pray for his stress levels to come down.

Jessica, an SMU freshman from Baltimore, asked for peace.

Moriah, an SMU freshman from Miami, asked for success in her dance audition on 2/20.

Mauricio, an SMU senior from Monterrey, Mexico asked for health and for guidance and direction as he graduates.

Alvin, a controller over SMU Facilities at SMU asked for the Lord’s blessings upon his daily life.

Susan, asked for prayer for her 28-year old son Alex, as he makes some very important personal decisions this week.

2016 Prayer Requests – Part 1

Please pray for:

— Dele asked for prayer for Alex, a friend of his friend Hannah. Alex is 18 and in a CA hospital. Doctors don’t know what’s wrong with her. She is dying.

— Kelsey, an SMU junior, asked for prayer for her mother’s boyfriend, Alan, who is going through colon surgery.

— Pray for a student’s aunt (Beth) who has breast cancer
— Pray for a student’s family. His grandma Helen died on January 26th at the age of 99
— Pray for Anika. She wasn’t chosen for her sorority during the RUSH season.
— Pray in general for Brittany and Kim.
— Pray for an unidentified Hindu student who agreed to ask Jesus to reveal Himself to her.
— Pray in general for Elan.
— Pray for Bryan, an SMU Professor’s friend who is dying of pancreatic cancer.
— Pray in general for Celsea and Elizabeth.
— Pray in general for Trisha and Bobby.
— Pray for healing for SMU Student David.
— Pray in general for Dana.
— Pray for the family of Chase, an NYU student from Southlake who was found dead in Shanghai. His friend Jackson asked for prayer for the family.
— Pray in general for Julian.
— Pray or Zee and Robert as they seek to be more effective Christians.
— Pray in general for Lindsey, an SMU sophomore.
— Pray in general for Edward, Pria and Miguel.
— Pray for Caroline’s grandma Marjorie who is in the hospital.
— Pray for Allison and Greg – parents of Natalie from Portland, OR
— Pray in general for Maira
— Pray in general for Matthew and Paul and for Noah’s relationships to heal.
— Pray in general for two SMU grad students.
— Pray for Patricia from Austin and for Kayla, an SMU junior.
— Pray for Madeline’s grandmother. She was in a car accident. Madeline is an SMU Sophomore.
— Pray for Kevin, an SMU freshman. He needs prayer for school.
— Pray for Juan, a construction worker on SMU.
— Pray for Janay, a senior at SMU in the Meadows school. She wants to be more intentional in her relationship with the Lord.
— Pray in general for Ever, an SMU junior and David, an SMU freshman. They are from China.
— Rachel, an SMU freshman, asked for prayer for the upcoming presidential elections.
— Margaret, an SMU freshman asked for prayer for her friend Daniel who is in CA. He has cancer.
— Allison, an SMU freshman from Wisconsin asked for prayer for her friend Ben. He has cancer.
— Breanna, an SMU freshman from Houston needs prayer for her Aunt Andrea who has brain cancer.
— Esther, an SMU junior, asked for prayer for her piano recital to go well.
— Alexis, a junior at SMU, needs prayer for her Meadows classes.
— Ola, a freshman at SMU, needs prayer for her Chemistry exams.
— Connie, an SMU sophomore and Colleen, a freshman from CT asked for prayer in general.
— Noah, an SMU sophomore asked for prayer for the world to be at peace.
— George, an SMU freshman, needs prayer for his Grandma Alberta.
— Noah, an SMU junior, asked for prayer for his BioChem test on Thursday.
— Pray in general for Tristan H.
— Pray for Daniel and Kelly’s baby Able. He has been struggling since he was born.
— Pray for Rivka, that the Lord will encounter her.
— Pray for Harjot, an SMU freshman.
— Pray for Sarah, an SMU freshman. Her grandma’s vision is going. She lives in Georgia.
— Pray for Charlie, an SMU freshman from Houston.
— Bryan, an SMU Staff Member, asked for prayer for Pam, his co-worker who is dealing with a hip issue / replacement surgery.
— Kelsey, an SMU freshman, asked for prayer for her Chem and Science Classes.
— Andrea from Miami, FL asked for prayer for the well being of her family .
— Marilla asked for prayer for her brother Joche and his relationship with his girlfriend.
— Jebte, an SMU Facilities worker, asked for prayer for his cough.
— Zitian, a sophomore from China, asked for prayer to connect with other Chinese students.
— Angela, a parent of an SMU student, thanked God that no one was killed in a car accident she was in.
— Josh asked for prayer for his presentation to be finished on time and with clarity of mind.
— Lea, an SMU freshman, from St. Louis asked for prayer.
— Will, an SMU freshman from Alabama asked us to pray for his tests to go well.
— Samantha, an SMU junior from NY, asked for her paper that’s due tomorrow to go well.
— Roberto, an SMU senior from Dallas asked for prayer over him for this semester to be successful and for his future to be in God’s will.

2015 Day 39 Prayer Requests:

Yewande: Pray for wisdom and direction for post graduation plans.

Kia: Pray for strength for difficulties at work and at home. Her daughter has minor case of autism,  yet it still presents significant challenges.

Erin: Pray for divine guidance for her career. She is an accounting major. Need’s divine leading.

Rodrigo: He’s a Freshman from Mexico. Pray for the Lord to lead him as he looks for his leading in the choice of a major.

Five Chinese students (one is a Chinese Monk): Pray the Lord will reveal Himself to them all.

2015 Day 38 Prayer Requests:

Dan: He is smu staff. Thinking about moving to florida where his family is. Pray for wisdom.

Sam: Just finished first year at smu. Kind of a rough time. Pray for reconnection with God and family.

Janet: SMU staff member. Pray for her daughter Diane who is going through a difficult time. Also pray for full recovery from a hip replacement.

Reagan: Had a car accident a few months ago due to mistake he made. Car totalled but thankfully very minor injury and no one else hurt. Asking for merciful and favorable court hearing next week. We talked for a while. Invited him to church.

2015 Day 37 Prayer Requests:

Peter: Pray for his trip home and for his summer plans to come together.

Jessica: Pray for The Lord to reveal Himself to her.

Hussein: Pray for his final exam. He is a freshman.

2015 Day 36 Prayer Requests:

Michael and Scott: Pray they are prepared and do well on the CPA exam on Thursday.

John: Pray for him as he enters into the Business Program at SMU.

2015 Day 35 Prayer Requests:

Jacquie: Pray she finishes strong in her exams.

Anna: Pray for her trip home to Colorado.

2015 Day 34 Prayer Requests:

JulianPray for strength and great outcome during finals.

Jordan: Pray for wisdom to choose God’s path for him as he graduates from SMU and takes his next career step.

Tien: Pray for her to find a job. She is a junior this year at SMU in creative advertising.

2015 Day 33 Prayer Requests:

Lauren: Pray for her grandfather to get well. The doctors don’t know what’s wrong with him at this point.

Stephanie: Graduating senior at SMU. Pray for her career path to be led by the Lord.

Maisha: Muslim student asked for prayer for her exams on Wednesday. Very sweet girl.

Walker: Freshman: Asked for prayer for his Tuesday Statics test and for his body to heal from his head cold.

Jasmine: Pray for all evil to leave her. And for the Lord to bless her in all she does.

Jessica: Pray for her tests: one on Saturday and another on Monday.

Brianna: Pray for her final exams and that the Lord will direct her path this summer.

Ben: Pray for his summer class to be filled with the students God has chosen to be in the class.

Sophia: Pray for her English exam and that the Lord would reveal himself to her..

Raffia: Pray for him as he travels back to China. He is a believer and wants to be in God’s perfect will.

Brandon: Pray for his exams and that the enemy cannot attack him in any way.

Raul: Pray for him to do well in his Texas Politics and Spanish exams.

Marissa: Pray the Lord will comfort her

Julia: Pray for her sports management exam and that the Lord would reveal himself to her.

2015 Day 32 Prayer Requests:

Jordan: Freshman student from Dallas. Pray for his finals. He has two major tests on Monday and Tuesday.

Lauren: She is an SMU Freshman majoring in Sports Management. Pray for her trip home to Southern California.

Edmund: He is a graduating senior who is returning to his home in Mexico City. Pray for his trip home and for his success in life as he begins his new career. He is a music major in Meadows.

Trustees: Pray for the SMU Trustee meeting to go well tomorrow and for God’s wisdom to preside over the meeting.