Take 10 Challenge

Take Ten to Find the One

We are challenging SMU Christian faculty, staff, and students to commit to take ten minutes a day to approach one stranger on campus each day for the forty days and ask if they can pray for them.  The steps are simple:

  1. Politely approach a stranger on campus and ask if you can pray for them
  2. Offer to send their prayer request here (web link) or to #smuprays so others can be praying for them (by name or anonymous)
  3. Pray over them, expecting God to show up.
  4. Pass on a “Take Ten to Find the One” card to the person you pray for so they can visit the website, share a testimony of how God touched them, or find a prayer meeting on campus.
  5. Submit a testimony online here of how God touched that person you prayed for (they were encouraged, felt peace, turned their hearts to Jesus, received healing, etc.), or even how God touched you in the experience.

You can explain that you signed up to find one person a day to pray for and that this person is your “one” for that day.  Remember, you can also send the person’s prayer request (by first name or anonymous) to our website here (include link) or through our social media stream at #smuprays, letting them know that this way others all across Dallas and beyond will be able to pray specifically over their request.

This serves as an opportunity to empower Christians at SMU to engage unbelievers with the love and power of God in a simple, practical way.  The long-term goal with this is to foster a culture of love-filled, practical evangelism at SMU so that everyone at SMU has the opportunity to hear about and experience the love and power of Jesus Christ through His Church.

Take the “Take Ten to Find the One” Challenge today!

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